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"All we got were extra roles in the movie!" [Misc Fullmetal Stuffs]
Ash and Infernape
netbug009 wrote in ohlookcaps
Fullmetal Alchemist
Shamballa Film, 4OVAs, Episodes 31-35

Enjoy! :D

What should I cap next?

Today's shameless blog plug: we are ONE tonight: a wall-e/eve fst

In case you were looking for those silly rules...
-Neither comments nor credit are required, but they both make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
-If my blog plug is relevant to your interests and you have the time, more people reading my blog is a great way to say "thank you!" :D

-Have fun with your image editing! Feel free to show me what you make. :D

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*SQUEES and pounces* Thanks so much! :D

(If the whim strikes you, I'd love to see caps of episode 24, which you had skipped previously. Al has some great moments in that one. :) )

Sheesh, you keep better track of episodes I skipped than I do! XD

I'll see what I can do, especially since Al is adorable. :3

*chuckles* Well, I have been sorting through and playing with your caps a lot lately! :)

Incidentally, is the "Alchemists vs. 7 Homunculi" OVA there somewhere? You mention four OVAs, but I only see three, unless I'm missing something. (And that one is by far the most awesome. *g*)

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